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Alcohol dehydrogenaseSearch for "Alcohol" and "dehydrogenase" in all fields.
"Alcohol dehydrogenase"Search for "Alcohol dehydrogenase" in all fields.
adh [enz] AND ethanol [lig]Search for "adh" as enzyme and "ethanol" as ligand.
adh [enz] OR ethanol [lig]Search for "adh" as enzyme or "ethanol" as ligand.
adh [enz] AND 10 - 100 [km]Search for "adh" as enzyme and KM in the range of 20 to 30 mM.
adh [enz] AND - 30 [km]Search for "adh" as enzyme and KM with a value less than 30 mM.
adh [enz] AND 20 - [km]Search for "adh" as enzyme and KM with a value higher than 20 mM.
adh [enz] AND * [km]Search for "adh" as enzyme and a KM value.

Search terms are interpreted case-insensitive.
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Categories for string based search:
[ec]EC number
[all]search in all categories
[pid]PubMed ID

Categories for value based search (pattern 'min - max', see above):
[km]Michaelis Menten constant
[ki]inhibion constant
[kcat]turnover number
[s0.5]half maximal Michaelis Menten constant
[ic]half maximal inhibion constant
[nh]Hill number
[kd]dissociation constant
[vmax]maximal velocity
[kcatkm]catalytic efficiency
[sa]specific activity
[t0.5]half life
[pi]isoelectric point
[ka]association constant